Check out FIRST Magazine for Woman….See my success story and before and after pictures!

Thirteen months ago I embraced a new lifestyle and haven’t looked back.  I stumbled upon the book “Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis and educated myself about wheat and grains and realized wheat was not only making me fat but it was taking away my energy!   I started this blog in January and have so enjoyed recreated my favorite foods!  Before my son’s first birthday in May of this year, I had lost all of the 60 pounds I had gained during my pregnancy.  What a great feeling!  

A few months back Dr. Davis asked for success stories and I submitted mine and now it is being featured in this month’s FIRST for Woman Magazine!  Such an honor.  Please take the time to pick up a copy and read the 4 page article about wheat and it’s negative health effects as well as check out my story along with my before and after pictures (page 28).   I don’t look like this now because I am 20 weeks pregnant 😉 but I know upon the birth of my second child in March, that it won’t take long to get back into my little blue dress! 😉 

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    First off, I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me!! Like you, I was overweight as a child. I had difficulties in high school and college being around girls who could eat whatever they wanted and not gain a pound! So frustrating! I am going grain and sugar free. I used to do low card and I am transitioning to no wheat. I have tried a few of your recipes and they are all fantastic. Unlike other blogs, your recipes tend to taste good and recreate all of my favorites. Coming from Pennsylvania, I am used to meat, potatoes, and bread at EVERY meal. You've given me so many good recipes to use that are easy, fast, and taste amazing. They don't even taste grain free like some other ones that I have tried. I have one quick questions – what kind of bacon do you use?

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    😉 So good to hear your story Lisa and glad you are enjoying my recipes! I like food to taste good and "healthy" is just not good enough! 😉 The cookbook will have more awesome recipes that I know you will love. Bacon is a difficult topic. I have purchased it from different places. I get it from the local Farmer's Market and I have also used Applegate. I would suggest getting as fresh as possible. Nitrates are a big area of gray. Cured meat will usually have some form of nitrates whether it be from celery juice or something else. Getting it from a reliable source is the most important thing to me! Hope this helps and keep me posted on your progress!

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    I picked up First magazine this morning. And then ordered Dr. Davis' book on my Kindle and am so inspired to lose the wheat completely. Thank you so much for your inspiring story. I also know that this blog is going to be a huge help!

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    Lisa, your blog is awesome and your magazine debut is such a great inspiration!! My husband and I are going wheat free for health and for him, weight loss. I do have a question. Do you get retaliation from your doctor for not eating wheat while pregnant?

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    @The Sabbatical Chef, thank you! Hope you are enjoying all the blog recipes! Giving up wheat and grains has been a life changing experience for me and I am glad that I have the opportunity to inspire others!@Tessi, thank you! My midwife is fine with me cutting out wheat, grains and eating fewer carbs. She also has cut back on carbs but I have been encouraging her to cut out the wheat! My blood sugar is much better this go around than with the first. I think the medical community is slowing coming around! Good luck on your journey and please keep me posted about you and your husbands progress!

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