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11-27-14 Black Friday ebook SaleI am so excited to announce that both of my e-cookbooks, Satisfying Eats & Comforting Eats, are now marked down to 99 ¢ on Amazon! These books make great gifts so by as many as you would like! 

Purchase Comforting Eats eBook HERE for 99¢

Purchase Satisfying Eats eBook HERE for 99¢

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle (I don’t have one)! All you need to do is download the Free Reader HERE. This will allow you to view my cookbooks (and any other eBooks) on your computer or smart phone!

Please check out my latest review of Satisfying Eats. It is so humbling that my recipes can help someone like Christy! 

“Melissa has saved my life!!! I have struggled with weight for almost my whole life and I have been on nearly every “diet” I could think of. Nothing ever worked long. Until I found this cookbook. Reading Melissa’s story, I felt like I could completely relate. I gained weight after having my baby and even though I thought I was eating healthy, grains were the culprit keeping me from losing weight and feeling good. I had SEVERE acid reflux for the past few years. I had to take Prevacid almost daily and was diagnosed with GERD. It got so bad some days that no amount of medicine or home remedies would help me…” (Read more reviews HERE.)

Purchase Comforting Eats eBook HERE for 99¢

Purchase Satisfying Eats eBook HERE for 99¢

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Comforting Eats Spiral                                                                                                    Satisfying Eats Spiral                           

cookbook collage 3-5-14

If you already have my cookbooks, which are your favorite recipes?? Please comment below!

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  1. says

    Both books are excellent, and so many of these recipes are staples in my home… I was never skilled in the kitchen and transitioning to grain-free, sugar-free, fresh-from-scratch cooking was overwhelming to me. But Melissa’s tips made it seem so easy, she even made me feel comfortable not knowing everything, cause she explained how she herself transitioned and why.

    I think the most useful recipes are the condiments, pantry staples and little things you use everyday. Being able to ditch the supermarket mixes and bottled dressings is a real pleasure, since all of that stuff is filled with inflammatory ingredients (vegetable oils, wheat and sugar). I simply can’t eat them anymore without a reaction. But Melissa’s Mayo recipe is a real godsend… it tastes amazing, is much easier to make than you would think… an absolute must in my fridge!

    Thank you for your tireless work and extensive collection of everyday dishes made simple and delicious! There is something in these books for everyone, and though I have hard copies, I have often wanted an electronic version to check ingredients while shopping. Time to pick those up! Thanks for teaching me a new way of life that I will never give up! I’ve lost 45 lbs and feel 20 years younger!

  2. Beth says

    I’ve made so many of the recipes from Satisfying Eats over and over again. They are always a big hit, even with people who aren’t grain free.

    I just ordered Comforting Eats and can’t wait to try new recipes.

    Thank you for taking the time to create these recipes, and to share them with us here on the blog, as well as through your 2 cook books.

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