Pumpkin Patch Cutout Cookies & Jelly Cookies

I am pretty excited about this recipe for a few reasons. First, these grain-free and low-carb cookies taste DELICIOUS and the dough is PERFECT for rolling and cutting into cute shapes! The second reason I am excited is because I haven’t posted a new recipe in almost a month and I have missed y’all so… 

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Sweet Heart Chocolate Chip Cookies (Allergy Friendly!)

Sweet Heart Cookies

Wondering what to send with your child to school for their Valentine’s Day party? Look no more! These beautiful and DELICIOUS grain-free and NUT-FREE cookies will win the hearts of anyone who puts them in their mouths! Tell the teacher they are nut-free, but no need to tell the kids, I PROMISE! I have tested… 

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Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

cookie cake

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates In search of an affordable, yet quality raw cacao powder, I stumbled upon a great company this week!  Terrasoul Superfoods, located in Houston Texas, is a GOLDMINE when it comes to organic & raw Super-foods. Chocolate, the Perfect Food Yes, chocolate, more specifically Raw… 

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Grain-Free Cookie Cake (and why I don’t use artificial sweeteners)

Grain-Free Cookie Cake (and why I don't use artificial sweeteners)

This Cookie Cake is AMAZING!!!  In all honesty, I have never purchased a Cookie Cake at the mall.  I have in the past purchased a chocolate chip cookie but the thought of a mega cookie and all that sugar and carbs just puts me in a diabetic coma thinking about it! When I consume too… 

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