I love Chocolate

  I think chocolate is a universal language. Sure, some people don’t like it, but let’s be honest…those folks are just WEIRD (like my husband)! He really does like chocolate, but just the kind that really doesn’t have much chocolate in it at all!  My theory as to why almost EVERYONE LOVES chocolate is that… 

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Heavenly Strawberry Cake (Grain-Free and Low-Carb)


HEAVENLY is the only word that describes a Strawberry Cake, made with Fresh Strawberries! The original version of this cake (sugary and grainy) was my first birthday cake when I moved to Baton Rouge over 9 years ago.  It was DELICIOUS and something memorable!  This week I attended a birthday party where Ambrosia’s Strawberry Cake was… 

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Chocolate Molten Cakes (Truffles & Chocolate Strawberries)

Grain-Free Chocolate Molten Cakes (DF version with Truffles & Chocolate Strawberries)

Grain-Free, Sugar-Free & Low Carb Chocolate Molten Cakes!  WOW!   What a wonderful treat for Valentine’s Day!  I would like to add that EVERYONE loved these Chocolate Molten Cakes this past weekend at the Farmer’s Market! They were a huge hit! One gentleman (not the health conscious type) said these were “the best cakes ever” then 30… 

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