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tropical-traditions-logo-300x142Every few months Tropical Tradition offers FREE shipping and this is the ONLY time I buy! 


Enter Coupon Code 34312 at checkout. Good until midnight EDT, April 22nd, 2014.

There are SO many items on their website I wanted to share with you my favorite items from Tropical Traditions and my favorite uses for a few of the items (and a links to the recipes):

  1. Organic Coconut Flour– This is the best on the market (IMO) and at a great price.
  2. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil– Great quality and I use it daily in my shakes and dairy free baking. Using the virgin coconut oil contributes a slight coconut flavor which is sometimes desirable. Comes in all size containers but if you can afford the gallon, it is usually the best deal. 
  3. Organic Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil– This oil doesn’t take like coconuts so is a great dairy-free, non-coconut tasting fat substitute in recipes. I also use it for frying items such as my “Corn” Dogs071 (2)
  4. Organic Coconut Chips- I use these to make my Grain-Free Cereal (LOVE). TT calls their biggest places chips while Bob’s Red Mill (and other brands) call them flakes. 10 Grain-Free Cereals
  5. Organic Shredded Coconut– Use this unsweetened coconut to make Macaroons (recipe in Comforting Eats) or to make my Copy Cat MoundsCopy Cat Mounds
  6. 80% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar- This is my Happy at the end of most days. Each square is about 1 net carb and it is Delicious! It’s also dairy & nut-free!chocolate
  7. 70% Bittersweet Chocolate Chips– These are new and they are great!
  8. Coconut Cream Concentrate– This is also called Coconut Butter. It is the flesh of the coconut blended and is great in my Easy Chocolate Truffles or my Copy Cat Mounds Eggs! 052 (2)
  9. Organic Tomato Products– I purchase their tomato paste and crushed tomatoes that come in glad jars. Great quality.
  10. Organic Spices: They have everything from cinnamon to black pepper and everything in between!
  11. Non-GMO, Heirloom Seeds: I purchased some tomato seeds from them and I am excited to taste them!
  12. Organic Fair Trade Coffee: I get the Dark French Roast. You can even get a coffee bean grinder.
  13. Organic Pumpkin- Comes in a cardboard type container and is PERFECT in my Pumpkin Delight!
  14. Local Grass-Fed Butter: I like this butter because it is produced here in USA! (Free shipping usually doesn’t apply to refrigerated items)

These are just a few items that I have purchased and have enjoyed. 



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Happy Cookin’!


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