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Grain-Free Starter Kit Sale update-1-12-15Grain-Free Starter Kits

Have you ever wanted to buy all of your grain-free baking supplies from ONE place at a reasonable price and with a flat shipping cost?? Well this is exactly what I have done, and I am ready to start selling my Grain-Free Baking Starter Kits! The kits include EVERYTHING you will need to start baking and cooking grain-free, including: 

The Baking Kit includes: 

The Deluxe Baking Kit also includes both signed, Satisfying Eats and Comforting Eats spiral bound cookbooks. 

Click on the links above. Check out how much it would cost you if you purchased these items separately! Oh, and don’t forget the individual shipping cost!

My intent with selling these Kits is to help you get EVERYTHING you need from ONE place, for a GREAT price, and with one FLAT Shipping Cost. This is instead of paying HIGHER prices when only needing to purchase small amounts, and having to pay high shipping cost for each item.

NOTE: The difference in the Deluxe Kit is that it includes my cookbooks and the Baking Kit does not. Because I am selling these items as kits, all of the items must be purchased in the kit to get the price listed. However, it is possibly to purchase two of one item if you really don’t need another (such as purchasing 2 stevia powders instead of the arrowroot powder). 

Here is the breakdown of the price of the kits and the items each kit includes. The “Cost on Site” is the price you would pay buying each individual item from the different websites linked above. This price does NOT include the shipping cost that you would pay on the individual sites.

cookbook collage 3-5-14

12-15-14 starter kits almond flour price increase

Kits are currently out of stock!

You will also receive one of my eBooks FREE which you can keep for yourself or gift to someone else (I will email you a link to download the eBook.)030
Deluxe Baking Kit with Cookbooks. Update: Now Stevia Select Brand of Stevia is included.

Baking Kit Updated: Now Stevia Select Brand Stevia is included in the kit.


Add on items: Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate & Unflavored Gelatin.

Which gelatin should you buy??

I personally have both types of gelatin, the type that gels and the type that does not (hydrolysate gelatin powder and the unflavored gelatin).

  • If you can only purchase one of the powders, plan on putting it in your shakes or coffee, and don’t plan on using it in recipes, I would purchase the Hydrolysate Gelatin since it dissolves very easily.
  • If you can only purchase one of the powders and want to use it to create recipes, pudding, etc., I would purchase the unflavored gelatin, either Kosher or the regular unflavored gelatin.  You can still add it to your shakes, you just want to sprinkle it over your liquid to let it dissolve and then swirl it around before blending and blend well. Some people still report clumping, so this is the reason why the hydrolysate powder is still best in shakes. However, the regular kind will work. The regular gelatin is the first type I purchased, since I could use it in all of my recipes and shakes.
  • If you get both types, I would add the hydrolysate to your shakes and the regular unflavored to your recipes that require thickening. This is what I currently do.



Kits are currently out of stock!


  1. Brenda Korinek says

    These starter kits are GREAT! I ordered Kit A (the one with both cookbooks) on Monday and received an email confirmation of my purchase almost immediately. The kit was shipped on Tuesday and I received it 2 days later. That was fast! What is so incredibly wonderful about these kits that Melissa is offering is that they are indeed starter kits – everything that is needed to start cooking and baking many of her grain and sugar-free recipes is included in one shipping box with ONE shipping cost. I certainly would have paid much more for shipping if I had ordered the products separately – so there is a very good savings! Sure, some of the products – like the coconut flour – I can buy at our local health food store but the price is much higher. Most all of the other products I have had to order and ended up paying much more for shipping.

    I already had both cookbooks in e-book form but wanted to have “hard copies” as well. The e-books are really handy when I’m away from home and/or want to browse recipes or check ingredients when I’m shopping.

    You can be sure that I will be ordering more kits – probably Kit B – in the future. Just can’t beat the price or the quality of ingredients! Thank you to Melissa for introducing me to fabulous recipes that have literally changed my life, and for having the foresight to be so helpful in offering these fabulous starter kits to those of us who desire to live a grain and sugar-free healthy lifestyle!!!

  2. Mia says

    Hi Melissa! I’d like to purchase the Deluxe Kit with both the add ons! I’m in Australia – could you advise shipping costs?

    • satisfyingeats says

      Hi Mia, I would love to send you my cookbooks but I am a bit scared to send you the deluxe kit through the USPS. Apparently there are different mailing and custom procedures for shipping a 10 lb box vs. 2 lbs. of books. My attempt to mail someone a kit to Canada almost 1 month ago has yet to show up! :( Please message me if you are interested in the cookbooks alone.

  3. Mia says

    Fair enough! I can understand your concern. I would absolutely LOVE to order the cookbooks in hard copy. I’ll “add them to cart” now! Ta! X

  4. Becky Hayles says

    I would like to purchase the Deluxe Starter Kit with the cookbooks. Thanks for getting back with me as soon as possible. Looking forward to receiving these items.

  5. LeAnne Singleton says

    Hi. I currently live in Japan but I have an APO address. I would love to order your starter kit as I am having trouble finding a lot of these things at our commissary. Do you think you can send it to an APO?

    Thank you

  6. jessica dupuy says

    Im interested in ordering the deluxe kit! Could I exchange the cocoa powder for an extra stevia?

    How do you find the time to cook so much from scratch? I’m struggling now with an almost 3 yr old and a 3m old!

    • satisfyingeats says

      Jessica, it definitely takes time to adjust but we have to eat! :) Please send me your email address and I will send you an invoice. I can add an extra stevia, no problem.

  7. Jerri Rogers says

    Hello Melissa. Is like to order the deluxe kit A with both add on items. Also, what is the best way to keep the flour autos stored? Thanks

    • satisfyingeats says

      Hi Jerri, I will send you over an invoice but I’m currently out of both Gelatins. I will however send me the links on Amazon for the cheapest price. He’s confirm your email address.

  8. Kara Bellavigna says

    I would like to order Deluxe Kit – A, and add on the regular unflavored gelatin. The few recipes I’ve tried on your site have been yummy. Can’t to get my baking kit and get started making more yummies. Thanks.

    • satisfyingeats says

      Brittany. I am sending you an invoice over now and a separate email with links to the gelatins since I am currently out.

  9. Angie Pennock says

    Hi Melissa ! I would like to order Kit B with the add on’s. I just received your cookbooks in the mail yesterday which is the only reason I don’t need Kit A :) Thanks!

    • satisfyingeats says

      Cathrine, I am out of the orange cans of gelatin but have the green cans. I can send you an invoice if you like.

    • satisfyingeats says

      Barbara, most likely not. I started selling fewer and fewer and with baby number three almost here, that’s just one less thing to worry about. You Can check out the links and purchase the products individually from the sites mentioned. Sorry about the inconvenience!

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