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Happy New Year Everyone!!!  This is the year to restore your health!  

I have been thinking about New Years Resolutions…. and this is the first year in a long time that I won’t write down on a piece of paper to “eat better” or “lose weight.” It has only taken me 20 years (no exaggeration) but now I don’t have hold myself as a slave to resolutions that I could never seem to follow. I am finally eating the way I should be eating! Eating grain and sugar free has honestly become a lifestyle over the past 14 months and my thought process has changed as well as I have finally figured out how to optimally fuel my body and maintain a good weight! No more relying on my will power to get me through the first week of January (and it never did). Be encouraged in 2013! If you are planning to restore your health this next year, I pray my story and recipes will help you on your journey!

To help you eat better this year, I am  so excited to announce that Satisfying Eats:  Grain Free, Sugar Free & Hunger Free eBook and spiral bound version is now available on Amazon!  

Here is my Story, taken from Satisfying Eats Cookbook:

My Story

A little over a year ago I made a life-changing decision. I went “against the grain” and stopped eating ALL grains, not just wheat. I am so glad I did. I have struggled with my weight since I was a child.  Then after gaining 60 pounds during my first pregnancy, I was struggling to get the weight off, even while eating low-carb and being very active. I knew the dangers of “gluten” but never understood the impact of all grains.  I stumbled upon Dr. William Davis’ book, Wheat Belly, and the rest is history! After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, low blood sugar and fatigue, I found that giving up all grains, not just wheat, and eating low-carb made all the difference. Now, I have no more headaches, no more fatigue and no more having to eat every two or three hours
to keep up my energy. I also lost all of my “baby” weight plus one pound by the time my son was 7 months old! This is the first time in my life that I have felt in control of my weight and satisfied after eating. I will never go back to the old way of eating or cooking again.
I am currently pregnant with our second son and due in a few months. I am so thankful that during this pregnancy, I know to stay away from wheat, grains and other high-carb foods which had previously been my downfall. By this time during my first pregnancy, I was having horrible migraines lasting 36 hours at a time and was putting on weight very rapidly. So far during this pregnancy, I have gained less weight and I have had only one migraine (which was induced by wheat).
Just recently I started a food business, “Hunter’s Kitchen”, where I sell my foods at the local farmer’s market. It has been a huge success! Now, I am thrilled to put all of my favorite recipes in this cookbook for everyone to make for themselves! I have
enjoyed blogging my culinary creations at, and this cookbook is an extension of my blog and has been a lifetime in the making! In choosing this cookbook, I am so glad you have decided to improve your health and embark on the grain-free and sugar-free lifestyle! I hope the recipes contained in this cookbook make living without grains easy and that you
don’t miss any of your old wheat and grain-laden foods!  Also be sure to check out my Facebook page for great articles and updates at

With over 250 Grain-Free, Sugar- Free and Low Carb delicious recipes, cooking Grain and Sugar Free has never been so easy!  Over 40 Main Dishes and Soups and Stews recipes to choose from.  This should make it easy to decide “What am I going to cook this week?”  (Want to check out the list of all the recipes?  Click HERE!) Check out some of the yummy recipes (these are pictures taken from the book):




Are you hungry yet??  I created this cookbook to make living without grains and sugar easy!  Yes, I said easy!  I believe you shouldn’t feel deprived of your favorite foods.  Instead, I have re-created them, eliminating all the grains and sugar.

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Happy New Year!!  I pray health and prosperity to you and your family!!


  1. Mary Sexton says

    I love my Satisfying Eats cookbook! I have it on my Kindle app and also have the spiral bound version. Some of my favorite recipes are the Dinner Drop Biscuits, Southern Style “Corn” Bread and the Refrigerator Fudge. I even took my cookbook on vacation! It is a well-made book and I really love all the recipes I have tried. Thanks Melissa!

  2. jean says

    I don’t know where to start about the Satisfying Eats Cookbook. The recipes are so delicious. I cook from it almost daily eating delicious food and losing weight. With Melissa’s recipes I never feel deprived! I am so excited about Melissa’s second cookbook and hopefully many more to follow. She is truly gifted and has been an inspiration.

  3. says

    I bought your cook book and now realize it uses stevia. I am sensitive to that sweetener any suggestions for using a different sweetener? I use one that measures cup for cup like sugar.

    • says

      Tammy, have you tried Kal stevia? Most brands of stevia contain fillers which is possibly what you are sensitive too. I Highly recommend it! The smallest bottle is about $10 and it is very concentrated and will last a while. Personally, I only use Kal Stevia and small amounts of coconut sugar and raw honey when needed. I don’t use any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols because I don’t want my boys to eat it and my 2 year old eats what mama cooks! I hope this helps and that you enjoy the cookbook!

  4. AmandaF says

    Hi Melissa – I have a 6 month old who is just starting solid foods. I read Wheat Belly about a month ago and am now contemplating limiting/not giving her grains/wheat for a while. That being said, I was wondering if you have any ideas on what to provide for babies in place of those grains. Does your website have good ideas for food for babies? I’ve been using for initial fruit and vegetable ideas. Thanks so much!

    • says

      Amanda, first of all just remember, “food before 1 is just for fun.” That is important. Most of a baby’s nutrition should come from breast milk or a good quality formula. That being said, my 6 month old has no interest in food right now. I keep offering him foods like egg yolk, banana, avacado, but he won’t have it! lol He does want my water bottle constantly. I will continue with these pretty bland and low allergy foods and also add carrtos, sweet potatoes, etc. I presonally see grains and cereals as filler foods, just like with adults. People eat pasta, to extent the meat sauce, only eat bread to extend the amount of meat on the sandwich, etc. I am in no way an expert, but I really think that the Baby Led Weaning is the way to go. Less purees and allowing the baby to eat what you eat (with limitations of course). Check out the book here: I hope this helps!

  5. Jackie says

    I have both of your books and enjoy the recipes very. I want to try your recipe for Easy Enchiladas in Satisfying Eats. There is an ingredient that I can’t seem to find. It is listed as (1 tbsp. Chili in Adobo Sauce)Raw. Can you tell me where I might find this or suggest an alternative. Thanks much. Jackie

    • satisfyingeats says

      Jackie, I’m glad you are enjoying my cookbooks! Here is the Chili in Adobo Sauce: It has great heat (really, it doesn’t take much) and a wonderful smokey flavor. You can find it in the Mexican section of the grocery store too. There are also some recipes for it floating around online if you want to go that route! Hope this helps!

  6. Shannon says

    I am so excited to try your recipes. I have been searching the internet for ideas as I have recently gone to the paleo style of eating. I, like you, saw a dramatic change in my weight from eliminating the grains. I have lost 60 pounds so far since May. It is incredible. Your recipes look both simple and delicious. I am sure I will be buying your cookbooks. That seems to be my new hobby – reading cookbooks. Bless you.

  7. Michelle says

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this site. Just out of curiosity, does the cookbook have the nutrition information for each recipe? Carbs, especially. I’m assuming so, but thought I’d ask. Thanks! :)


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