Big Sale and BIGGER News!

new doWell, after a long break I am ready to get back at it with 2 announcements! First, check out my new do! :) Wow, I should have done this along time ago. Having a “cute” haircut at 34 is what I am all about these days! lol I can remember hating when someone said I looked cute when I was a teenager, like that made me young and that was bad! Those were the days! :)

cookbook preview1

Now for my big announcement! We are having another baby! :) I guess God thought the world needed a 3rd Monroe/McGehee and our bundle of joy will be here the end of March! 

baby #3

For the past 6 weeks I have been dealing with the normal pregnancy stuff like all day nausea, vomiting, fatigue and just not feeling well. I am now 13.5 weeks so I am hoping this part will pass quickly. 

Food has been such a struggle like it always is during pregnancy. Luckily, I have learned from both of my previous pregnancies. With my first, I gained almost 60 lbs (which is half my body weight) and with my second, 45 lbs. Carbs are never my friend but especially when I am pregnant. During this pregnancy, I eat as little carbs as I feel my body needs but seriously do best on high fat red meat and salads. We went to Texas de Brazil a few weeks ago and I can honestly say, that was the best I have felt 12 hours after eating! I find when I indulge in carbs I just feel worse and I know from experience what will happen on the scales! I know our pregnant bodies must gain weight but 60 lbs and maybe even 45 lbs is a bit to much for this 5’1″ frame. I eat healthy and if I choose to indulge, it is small amounts but usually I just find a low-carb and healthier option. I have been using more convenience foods, like these from Wheat-Free Market. 

Prayers are greatly appreciated for a healthy pregnancy and delivery and more updates soon and maybe even a baby bump picture! :) I have so many recipes I would like to post but honestly don’t know when that will happen! Luckily my site is full of recipes as well as my 2 cookbooks! 

God Bless and Happy Cookin’,


PS. Also be sure to check out my Grain-Free Starter Kits. I have about 8 kits left and when they are gone, I won’t be purchasing any more! 

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  1. Amy Crouse says


    I just ordered your comforting eats book today on 9/21 and did not receive the discount?? I added it to my shopping cart. Not sure what I did wrong, but if possible I would appreciate the discount if it is still available. I just discovered your website through pinterest and your recipes look amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations on baby number 3!


  2. Bonnie McCormick says

    Congratulations Melissa on the new baby! Umm, when I tried to click on the “buy now” button, I only get taken to Paypal’s site.

  3. Becki says

    I’d like to purchase both of the books, but the “buy now” button is not taking me to the right place. It’s taking me to my “summary” of completed transactions on my paypal.

  4. Carol StJohn says

    Congratulations on the new wee one soon to be here. Cannot tell by the name Monroe if it is a boy or girl but I will assume a boy…

    New sibling for the boys to fight….I wish you a healthy pregnancy and painless delivery…

  5. Lora Martin says

    Blessings, blessings, blessings on you! I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery.
    Thanks again for all your recipes – had 15 Minute Creamy Chicken and Green Beans for dinner tonight. It is my favorite thing to fix when I get home late from work and am fighting the temptation to call for a pizza. The ingredients are always on hand for just such times.

  6. Patricia R. says

    Congrats on the little one! Such a blessing for you and your family. I have both cookbooks already, spiral and kindle version. Love them. Oh, and the haircut? Cute cute cute.

  7. Kathy says

    Hi, I was just wondering why buying the books together are at a higher price ($34) than buying them separately ($16 & $17). Am I missing something? Is there extra shipping when you buy them separately or can they just be added into the same cart? Thanks for taking the time to explain this! You look beautiful with your new cut and congrats on your baby news! :)

    • satisfyingeats says

      Kathy, it’s bc of how PayPal is set up for shipping my cookbooks. One book ships for $4 and 2 ships for $5. If you were buying both books, PayPal would only think were buying one book. Hope that makes sense. :)

  8. rose rabior says

    Melissa, I bought both of your books but when the mail came I had an empty torn envelope. When I checked with the post office they said they found a book at the bottom of the mail bin. It was Comforting Eats. I asked them if they found the other one and they did not. They said that it could be anywhere. They thought maybe the seal broke in the process. The post office is not taking any responsibility nor can I make a recovery claim because the book’s value is under $25.00. I sure would like my copy of Satisfying Eats. If there is anything you can do on your end, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks, Rose.

    • satisfyingeats says

      Thanks Kelly! As for dairy free, lots of my recipes are dairy free or can easily be converted to dairy free using coconut milk, almond milk, coconut oil or ghee.

  9. Betty says

    Hi Melissa
    I have both your books–looking for the corn bread dressing(stuffing) recipe.. Could you help?

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