Easy Stuffed Burgers (with Instructional Video)

stuffed burger2This is my husband’s favorite new recipe. Last week I prepared them them 3 different times and he didn’t complain one bit! These Stuffed Burgers are SO easy to prepare and are full of flavor! Prepare a few extra and freeze them. Then thaw and cook on a busy weeknight!

My method is easy and the stuffing possibilities are endless! 

  1. Pizza Stuffed Burgers
  2. Bacon-Cheddar Stuffed Burger 
  3. Peppers, Onions & Cheese Stuffed Burger
  4. Blue cheese & Caramelized Onion Stuffed Burger 

What are you going to Stuff your burgers with??

Check out my YouTube video… I told you these burgers are EASY PEASY! 

What did you think of the video?? This will be the first of many silent films to come. I have found a COOL tripod for my iPhone so I will be able to record my own helpful videos!  Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Now that I have a system for doing videos, what would you like to see me prepare? What tricks would you like me to show you? 🙂 

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Easy Stuffed Burgers (Onion, Bacon & Cheese)

Makes 3 stuffed burgers

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    • 6 strips of bacon
    • 1-1/2 tablespoons bacon grease 
    • 1 small onion, thinly sliced
    • 1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt
    • 1 pound ground beef or meat of choice**
    • Cajun Seasoning 
    • 2 oz. favorite shredded or crumbled cheese

    ** If using grass-fed beef (which is best), add 2 tbsp. bacon grease to hamburger mixture. This will make the burgers extra juicy and flavorful. 

  1. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium heat. Fry bacon until crispy. Remove bacon and set aside. Pour off all but about 1-1/2 tbsp. of the bacon grease. Add the onions and salt to the pan. Sauté onions until tender, about 8 minutes. Remove onions from pan and set aside.

    For Burgers: Place a large piece of plastic wrap inside of a small bowl. Using a large ice cream scoop (1/4 cup measurement), scoop out ground meat and press it into the bottom of the lined bowl. Sprinkle the patty with 1/4 tsp. of Cajun seasoning then place 1 heaping tablespoon of onion mixture, followed by a heaping tablespoon of shredded cheese and chopped bacon. 

    Measure out another 1/4 cup of ground meat and flatten the patty out in your hand (the same size as the first patty). Place the second patty on top of the cheese. Press the edges of the top and bottom patties together so there is a tight seal. 

    Preheat same large cast iron skillet to medium-high and add burger. (If burger is lean, add extra bacon drippings to the pan before adding burger.) Sprinkle burger with another 1/4 teaspoon of Cajun Seasoning. Cook burger for 5 minutes, then flip and cook for another 3-5 minutes or until burgers have reached your desired doneness. 

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  1. Patricia R. says

    I really liked this video but I might turn down the music a little. I thought it was to the point and left no questions I might have. I loved the video for the content as I had thought about purchasing one of those stuffed burger gadgets but now I can make my own without any added thing to store. I tried to comment on youtube but it wouldn’t let me. I have never commented before, only “liked” videos so perhaps I need to do something special to comment. Anyways, great video! Can’t wait to try this technique.

    • satisfyingeats says

      Thanks Patricia. Unfortunately, the music can’t be turned down on my end after the video has been posted. Do you have an account on YouTube? If so, then you should be able to comment. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you try the stuffed burgers soon!

  2. Peg says

    You made this look so easy! Thanks for the video. We will be having stuffed burgers either Memorial Day or on Sunday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Brenda Korinek says

    These were fantastic! Made them on the grill last night. Very nice and straightforward video – leaving Cabsolutely no room for error!


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