Comforting Eats Coming SOON!

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I am SO excited to share with you the cover of my new cookbook, “Comforting Eats: More Grain-Free, Sugar-Free & Hunger-Free Recipes.”  What do you think??? I am in LOVE!  After another year of laboring on this book, “Comforting Eats” is my fourth child, after my third child, “Satisfying Eats.”  If you have enjoyed the recipes from my blog and first cookbook, you are going to LOVE “Comforting Eats”!

It was so much fun (and work) taking the photos for the picture. Trying to get 2 small children to cooperate, AT THE SAME TIME is almost asking for a miracle!  lol If you are looking for a great photographer (and I mean GREAT), check out Aaron Hogan at Eye Wander Photo!  I could not be more pleased!

eBook Release Date

As the old saying goes, “As long as the Lord is willing the creek don’t rise,” the eBook should be finished and up on Amazon by November 11th!  I am working day and night to make this happen.  I just can’t wait for you to try out all of my new recipes!

Hard Bound Release

As soon as the eBook has been published, I will shift gears getting it ready for print.  I am going to do everything in my power to have the book in my hands by mid December so that you can purchase these cookbooks for Christmas. How does that sound??

What would you prefer?

As for the actual hard copy, what would you prefer??  I am still debating on the size and binding. I would love your feedback!

I am considering making this book a normal size, 8.5 X 11. This will make it look more like a “real” cookbook which I like but there are so many other factors to consider. By making it bigger, it will cost more so I have to weigh that into the equation.  I do not want the print version of the book to cost more than $20 to you, so this size book may not be an option because of cost.  I am also considering not making it spiral bound but doing a hard binding with a spine.  I am also tossing around hard cover with spiral binding. Nothing is in stone yet, I am still crunching numbers and seeing which will be the best fit.

It all comes down to how much the book cost, but I also want the book to be easy to use and open, as well as durable. Since I order and print hundreds of books at the time (that must be paid for upfront), cost is a HUGE factor. Also, because I don’t have a publisher that is printing 20K at a time, my printing cost are much higher than the regular cookbooks that you may purchase on Amazon.  Maybe one day I will be discovered (lol), but for now, this is how a self-publisher functions. At the end of the day, I just want to share my recipes with you and at an affordable price.

I am open to any feedback or suggestions about the binding or if you know of any great book printing service that offers great prices. Also, how do you like the 5.5 X 8.5 size of my first book “Satisfying Eats”? How do you like the spiral binding?? Please let me know.


Thanks again for your support. Without your constant encouragement I would have never started this journey.  Two children, 500 recipes and 2 cookbooks later, I am still in shock that I was able to do it all and still keep most of my sanity! I hope you continue to enjoy my recipes and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!

Giveaway and Second Printing of Satisfying Eats Cookbook

Purchase my first cookbook HERE.

If Amazon won’t deliver, please message me on my Facebook page and I will personally mail your copy! 😉


  1. Judy says

    I love the size and spiral binding of your first book! I am able to fold it and lay it flat to use! Can’t wait to get this cookbook. Your recipes are awesome!!!!

    • Sherry Volrath says

      I agree I love that I can fold it back or lay it open! I love that book. Have let go of many other cook books because yours is the one I go to all the time now!

  2. Peg says

    I agree with Judy–I happen to love the spiral binding on the 1st book! I’m looking forward to the new cookbook. Thank you for all your hard work in testing and retesting for the recipes you post.

    Your boys are so cute and getting so big!

  3. melody brown says

    I also like the spiral bound…easy to fold it and lay it flat to use. I’m excited…I am going to buy another of the first book and then a few of this new one for gifts. Thanks!!!

  4. jean says

    I agree, I love the spiral binding on your first cookbook. I use it almost daily and I can’t wait for your second cookbook.

  5. Beth says

    I will only be buying & using the E-book (as I did last time).

    Have you seen/heard of Cafe Press ( You can set up a shop with your own designs and they take care of printing, shipping, etc. You get your profits/commissions either when you hit $100. My husband has a shop with them and he was making enough to pay off his student loan. Just a thought of another way for you to make some $$$ and help your blogging & cook book efforts.

  6. says

    I love the size and spiral binding of your first book but a hard cover book with spiral bind would be pretty neat too! Something a bit more sturdy. I’d be willing to pay more for it too (and we are on a pretty tight budget). But either way I’ll be purchasing.

    I usually use a cookbook holder to hold my book up and it has a clear plastic so the book won’t get splattered (that’s when I use it though, now there are some chocolate splats from my daughter 😉 )

  7. Kathy Bone says

    I like the size of the first book because I don’t have much counter space. I also LOVE the spiral binding for the same reason plus I hate when a cookbook closes right in the middle of adding ingredients. I am so excited to see the new one.

  8. Rachel C says

    Dear Melissa, I love the new cover!!! I am very excited for the release of your new cookbook! I absolutely LOVE the first cookbook! I use it several times a week!

    I agree with everyone else that I prefer the size of the first cookbook & love a spiral binding so that it stays open. I do think that a hard cover w/spiral binding would be nice.

    Thank you for all the hard work! Your recipes are my favorite from all the bloggers and other cookbooks I’ve purchased for my low carb gluten free lifestyle. In fact, my family loves to see me pull out your cookbook too!

    Can’t wait for more recipes!!

  9. Sharon says

    I love e-books except for a cookbook. I always purchase cookbooks in a regular book. I want to be able to have it right in my cooking area for reference. I only like spiral bound and I loved the size of your last one. If it is made in the style of a hardbound book, I will not buy it–too hard to manipulate while it is in front of me on the counter!

  10. Sharon says

    I love the spiral binding on your first book… it is very easy to use. I think your next book should be the same way…you know what they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Keep up the great work.

  11. April says

    I’d like a hardback for thumbing through on the sofa and an e-copy that I can use in the store when shopping and then use to print off the recipe I’m using for the kitchen.

  12. Connie Fleming says

    I’m a fan of the first book, it’s handy dandy to take to the store and doesn’t take up my limited counter space.

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