Super Bowl Recipes

super bowl collage2I have a confession… I could care less about football! Yes, I live in Louisiana and EVERYONE is CRAZY about football, but it is just not my thing. Luckily I married someone who shares my lack of passion so we are a match made in Heaven! 

Just because I don’t like football doesn’t mean I don’t like hosting a Football Parties. I will take any opportunity to have friends over and cook for them, I just haven’t done it as often since Connor was born. I am not sure if I will me hosting a party this year, but if I was, here are the recipes that I would be making! If you make any of these recipes, regardless of the outcome of the game, EVERYONE will LOVE you and be happy! 

This is by NO means a full list of recipes that would be great at your Super Bowl Party! Feel free to make a pot of ChiliTaco Soup or really any recipe that you like!  

Be sure to check out my tips for each recipe, and check out the bottom of the post for more party food ideas featured in my cookbooks! 

Here are some new recipes to add to my list:

1. Pizza Bites with Dipping Sauce 

These Pizza Bites are EASY and Delicious! Make a double batch because they will go FAST!

pizza bites2. Crunchy Chips

Miss chips?? These chips 1 ingredient recipe will satisfying the need to crunch! Perfect with salsa or my favorite, Guacamole!


3. Amazing Salsa

This salsa ROCKS! You will never by the jarred stuff again!

Crunchy Chips

4. Easy Breakfast Sausage Balls 

Don’t let the name fool you! These little bites of Heaven are PERFECT for any occasion! I especially love them dipped in Blueberry Syrup! YUM!

001 (2)

5. Bacon-Cheddar Deviled Eggs

The perfect party food, Deviled Eggs! Try this Bacon-Cheddar twist or make them traditional, either way MAKE THEM!

Bacon-Cheddar Deviled Eggs & All about the PERFECT Egg (Part 1)

6. Deep Dish Pizza 

Skip delivery and make your own Delicious Grain-Free Deep Dish Pizza! Be sure to have my Zesty Ranch on standby! 

Easy Deep-Dish Pizza Pie

7. Grain-Free “Corn” Dogs

 Yes, Corn Dogs! Well, no corn was harmed when preparing this recipe, but no one will know! Make these in advance, freeze and reheat on game day! (These are mini “corn” dogs.)


8. Extra Zesty Ranch Dressing and Veggy Tray

Who doesn’t love a GOOD Ranch with veggies!? Pile your veggie platter with baby carrots, baby peppers, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli and cauliflower with a bowl of my yummy dressing right in the middle!070

9. Better than Red Lobster Biscuits 

This has been the most viewed recipe on the blog because these biscuits ROCK! Everyone loves them! Don’t tell your friends they are low carb or grain-free… after they taste them, they won’t care! Seriously, make 4 batches!

03110. Bacon-Cheddar GRANDE Biscuits

You can NOT go wrong with these yummy biscuits! Most people’s 2 favorite foods wrapped up in a yummy biscuit! Use a small scoop (and decrease the cooking time) for the perfect, party size bite! 

00411. Mini Pizzas

Use my Easy Pizza Crust recipe but instead of making one large crust, use a 1/4 cup scoop (large scoop) to divide batter into a muffin top pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes and follow the same directions to add your toppings. 008

12. Strawberry Daiquiri 

Yep, make this Strawberry Daiquiri and everyone will think you are “cheating” on your “diet,” lol. Spike it if you like but I LOVE it just by itself!

20813. Heavenly Chocolate Whoopie Pies 

 These really will impress! No one will guess that these babies are nut-free and can be dairy-free!Use a small scoop (1-1/2 tbsp.) measurement to make mini whoopie pies. Perfect!


14. Happy House Chocolate Chip Cookies 

These Chocolate Chip Cookies are Amazing!! They have even won a few office cook-off awards.

039 (2)15. Cookie Cake 

Want a crowd pleasing recipe?? Someone may even think you picked up this Cookie Cake from the Mall… it’s that GOOD!

IMG_069716. Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

I really don’t need to say anything… Just look at the picture! SO good!

cookie cake17. Devil’s Food Cake Cookies

Don’t have any almond flour or coconut flour?? No need for it with this recipe! These can also be made nut-free!

00618. Coconut Blondies 

These Coconut Blondies are my FAVORITE coconut treat! Cut them into small squares for your hungry crowd!

coconut blondie

19. Copy Cat Little Debbie Brownies

Fool your friends with these Faux Little Debbie Brownie! They are so good and are perfectly portioned when you use a brownie pan

011 (2)

20. Easy Chocolate Truffles 

These are perfect for every chocoholic out there! If you prefer no coconut flavor, try THIS Truffle Recipe!

052 (2)

21. Melissa’s Famous Mini Cheesecakes

Little bites of Heaven! EVERYONE will go crazy over these mini cheesecakes and make you promise that you will always bring them to future gatherings!


22. 3-Layer Cheesecake with Chocolate or Hazelnut Drizzle

Make this beautiful cheesecake the center of your Super Bowl table! 


23. Dessert Pizza

 This yummy pizza made with a “sugar” cookie crust covered with cream cheese frosting and fruit is not only beautiful but delicious!

American Flag Dessert Pizza

24. Chocolate Dessert Pizza

What I like about these Dessert Pizza’s is how beautiful they are and you can cut them into any serving size you like (and top with any fruit you like)! Want to kick it up a notch?? Use my New-tella Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Yum!

075 (2)

25. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Want easy & delicious??? Then you must make these yummy stuffed Strawberries with Cheesecake filling! Try folding in chopped dark chocolate to the cheesecake batter for an extra special treat! 

020 (2)

26. Peanut Butter Balls

 Serve your guest a BIG bite of flavor with these yummy Peanut Butter Balls!

Peanut butter balls

27. New-tella Spread with Fruit

Who doesn’t love Chocolate Hazlenut Spread with fruit!?! 

new-tella (Small)28. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Make a big bow of this yummy Cookie Dough and serve with spoons. You can also turn these into Cookie Dough Truffles by dipping them in Chocolate Ganache

10729. Heavenly Strawberry Cupcakes 

If you are too intimidated to make the full version, try making my Heavenly Strawberry Cupcakes! SO GOOD!

Strawberry Cupcakes (Small)30. Chocolate Cupcakes 

Decadent and chocolaty, oh and they are also nut-free! To help with portions, make them as mini cupcakes!


 31. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

019 (2)

32. King Cake

Beautiful and Delicious!

image_1359935538123295Here are a few No-Bake ideas to bring to a party:

  1. Pork Rinds (read the label and make sure there aren’t msg & wheat in them).
  2. Cheese & Meat Tray

Want more recipes?? Check out these recipes in my Cookbooks! 

From Satisfying Eats:

Delicious Guacamole

Pigs in a Blanket

Twice Baked “Potatoes”

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos with Shrimp
or Chicken with Cream Cheese

Here are just a FEW recipe ideas from Comforting Eats:

  1. Fried Cheese with Marinara 
  2. Bacon Wrapped Meatballs 
  3. Grass-Fed Burgers on Cheese Biscuit Sliders
  4. Coconut Macaroons
  5. Chewy Bread
  6. Nut Clusters
  7. Shortbread Cookies
  8. Biscotti
  9. Savory Crackers
  10. “Oatmeal” Raisin Cookies  

I hope after seeing almost 50 recipes and ideas that you won’t feel so intimidated about hosting a party. So who are you cheering for this Sunday??



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  1. Beth says

    That is an awesome set of recipes.
    I’m not a football fan either, but this set of recipes would work for almost any party or get together.

  2. MITBeta says

    Great list!

    I’ll bet you mean you _couldn’t_ care less, unless you care some about football, in which case there’s room to care less.

    Can you imagine a party with ALL of this stuff served!?! Keep up the good work.

  3. Teresa says

    I made Easy Breakfast Sausage Balls for our super bowl party and they were a hit. My dad and husband loved them!

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