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Happy Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for and wanted to share my cookbooks with you at a discounted price. Don’t miss your chance to get my Satisfying Eats eBook for 99¢ and Comforting Eats eBook for $1.99 (Amazon would not let me lower the price any lower which is just insane… It’s my book!) These books make great gifts so buy as many as you would like! 

I hope you enjoy and thanks for sharing! <3 Melissa 


Purchase Satisfying Eats eBook HERE for 99¢

Purchase Comforting Eats eBook HERE for $1.99

Check out other Black Friday Deals at Amazon.

Check out other Black Friday Deals at Amazon.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle (I don’t have one)! All you need to do is download the Free Reader HERE. This will allow you to view my cookbooks (and any other eBooks) on your computer or smart phone!

Please check out my latest review of Satisfying Eats. It is so humbling that my recipes can help someone like Christy! 

“Melissa has saved my life!!! I have struggled with weight for almost my whole life and I have been on nearly every “diet” I could think of. Nothing ever worked long. Until I found this cookbook. Reading Melissa’s story, I felt like I could completely relate. I gained weight after having my baby and even though I thought I was eating healthy, grains were the culprit keeping me from losing weight and feeling good. I had SEVERE acid reflux for the past few years. I had to take Prevacid almost daily and was diagnosed with GERD. It got so bad some days that no amount of medicine or home remedies would help me…” (Read more reviews HERE.)

Purchase Satisfying Eats eBook HERE for 99¢

Purchase Comforting Eats eBook HERE for $1.99

Do you prefer an actual book? Check out my personally signed spiral bound books!


Comforting Eats Spiral                                                                                                    Satisfying Eats Spiral                           

cookbook collage 3-5-14

If you already have my cookbooks, which are your favorite recipes?? Please comment below!

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