25 MUST HAVE Labor Day Recipes


labor day recipesOne of my favorite foods is BBQ! To me, this is pulled pork with BBQ sauce. To some the term “BBQ” means anything you throw on the grill. Whatever you call it, I love the opportunity to grill meat. I usually have my husband do it so it gives me a break from cooking!  I could eat BBQ a few times a week and I have been known to do it!

If you plan on grilling or are having family over, here are some MUST have recipes to make for this Labor Day weekend. REAL food that taste REAL Good and no one will ever guess you are sticking to your “diet”! Grain-Free all the way baby! :)

Enjoy and Click on the images to view the recipe.

25 Must Have Labor Day Recipes
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005Here is my new Cajun House Seasoning recipe that I use on EVERYTHING!!  It’s especially good on grilled, smoked or baked meats! Try it on your grilled veggies too!

Bacon Balsamic BBQ SauceEveryone will LOVE my Bacon-Balsamic BBQ Sauce!

yummy sauceIf you bring my Extra Yummy Sauce to a family gathering, plan on EVERYONE loving it so be sure to make a double or triple batch. Perfect for dipping meat, veggies or just your finger! 
007If you haven’t tried my Sweet, Tangy & Spicy BBQ Sauce, you must!  Would I bring my own BBQ sauce to a cookout??? YES I would!

002Another must have, my Extra Zesty Ranch Dressing!

Perfect on salads or used to dip you grilled chicken in!  This is my new favorite!

044How about bringing your own yummy Homemade Mayo?  This would impress your friends!

Use it to make my ‘Tater Salad from my cookbook, Satisfying Eats! Everyone will love it!

BreadsBetter than Red LobsterThese Better than Red Lobster Biscuits would be great at any BBQ!  Make a few batches because EVERYONE will love them!


Bacon Apple Pie BitesThese are Seriously good! It’s like a bite of apple pie with BACON!

chipsYou can’t go wrong with chips and you can use these Crunchy Cheese chips with your favorite dip. I recommend using Monterey Jack cheese!

Bacon-Broccoli SaladThis Bacon-Broccoli Salad is one of my favorites!  Everyone will love it!

Bacon-Cheddar Deviled Eggs & All about the PERFECT Egg (Part 1)What about Deviled Eggs??  These are my favorite!

caprese saladWant something a little lighter?? This Cucumber Caprese Salad will hit the spot!


Blueberry Delight

pretzel saladBlueberry Cheesecake Pretzel Crust

Chocolate Cheesecake Fudge

007 (2)These Mini Cheesecakes would be perfect for a large crowd!

Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Big Italian Cream Cake1Make these as cupcakes for the perfect crowd pleaser! 

061How about Chocolate Chip Cookies? These are easy and DELICIOUS!!

Grain-Free Cookie Cake (and why I don't use artificial sweeteners)Or this Yummy Cookie Cake.

Ice Cream

butternut squash gelatoReal Vanilla Bean Gelato103 (2)

Banana Split Ice Cream anyone??  This will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

pecan pie ice cream

You can’t go wrong with Pecan Pie Ice Cream!

These are a few of my favorite recipes that ALWAYS please a picky crowd!  Don’t feel like you have to suffer and deprive yourself of your favorite foods!  Give these recipes a try! 😉 Looking for more recipes? Be sure to search HERE or check out my Cookbooks!

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