Merry Christmas & Pay it Forward Giveaway

pay1I am still in shock that 2013 is wrapping up… It has definitely been an eventful year in the McGehee household! The birth of our second son Connor this past March was a great blessing, but has also created additional challenges that NO ONE ever warned us about! Now, 9 months later, I can’t believe we are still alive! I was certain that I would have died of sleep deprivation or from being pulled in a million directions at once but I have made it, we have made it, and I am excited about the new year ahead of us. 


Not only did my second son come into this world, but my second cookbook, Comforting Eats, was born!  It was blood, sweat and tears, along with loads of dishes and late nights behind the computer, but I am so proud it is finally here. My wish is that everyone enjoys my cookbooks, and that is makes living without grains a lot easier so that you can reap the rewards from eliminating grains from your diet. 

This past week I filled over 200 pre-orders for the cookbook which was just AMAZING!  I am flattered and honored that people all over the world would want one of my cookbooks. I am so grateful for everyone’s support. There are so many more great things coming out of this Southern Girl’s kitchen and into yours… please stay tuned to find out!

McGeeHee Christmas Card Proof 2

Merry Christmas. Thanks to Aaron @ Eye Wander Photo for the great shots!

Pay it forward Giveaway

During this holiday season, I would like to do something a little different.  Normally I would ask who would like to receive something free and of course, everyone does. But for this giveaway, I would like you to think of someone who is wanting to make healthy changes in the new year, and needs a little help and encouragement. Please don’t use this to try to save a few bucks, I really want to help a few people who genuinely need it, and don’t have the resources or knowledge otherwise.

In the comments below, please nominate someone (first name only) who genuinely can’t afford the cookbook but you think would benefit from having it. You can also nominate yourself if you fit this description. I want to help whoever is ready to make dietary changes to improve their health, but has had difficulty sticking to a plan or affording some necessary resources.

I will be giving away at least 3 of my cookbooks (either my Satisfying Eats or Comforting Eats Cookbook), as well as jars of organic virgin coconut oil and organic coconut flour.  I also want to gift Wheat Belly books to these individuals. If you haven’t read Dr. William Davis’ book, it is a must! This book opened my eyes to the negative impact grains were having on my health and weight lose, EVERYONE should read it!  I will also personalize the recipients’ cookbook with a special message to help inspire them to make big changes in their health for the new year.

Thanks for participating. I have been blessed beyond measure, and it only feels right to give back during this Christmas and holiday season. Recipients will be announced the morning of December 26th. Thanks for sharing and spreading the Christmas and Holiday cheer!

Please enjoy this time for your family. Try not to focus on receiving but giving to those you love. Make each moment count. 

God Bless,



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  1. Linda Plummer says

    I would love for my long time friend Susan Hall to win a copy of your book. She lost her job last week and even with all the stress she is sticking to her diet! All your yummy recipes would make her day!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I almost feel selfish nominating myself for a cookbook but you are one of the first bloggers I found through your recipes on Pinterest. My mother, sister and I have struggled with some pretty crazy health issues that modern medicine hasn’t been able to help. While on maternity leave with my second child I started watching documentaries and searching the internet. The information was inspiring and yet overwhelming at the same time. My husband was deployed for almost a year when I started taking baby steps by purchasing coconut oil and things like raw apple cider vinegar. I must confess though that I LOVE to eat good food but I can’t stand cooking. It’s hard to balance cooking for a toddler, a picky 8 year old and a hubby who has been eating at a chow hall for far too long. I try to find ways to make what I normally would a little more healthy but have had some pretty epic failures. Your recipes are basically me proof lol. It would be amazing to have a whole book of possibilities that I could my entire family to eat what they so badly need. We are very blessed but have had a few set backs since my husband came back from deployment so your cookbooks would be a bit of a splurge as we went from two incomes to just his. I am so glad that there are people like you out there who are passionate about the gifts God has given them! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Pat X. says

    I’d love to nominate my long time friend Val who has recently begun changing her way of eating and that of her family’s. She has always done much with very little and always finds a way to help others with the little she has. Her two preteen girls are even learning to eat better and her husband who loves to cook and is a type 1 diabetic could really benefit from your cookbooks. Thank you for all you do and for your generosity to others. Pat

  4. Kathie Camara says

    My daughter, Laura, who is AHDH, on depression medication, and now diagnosed Bi-Polar needs to change her eating habits. Long distance (I live in FL, she lives in VT), I try to get her to eat right, but she is on disability and her husband hasn’t worked in a while, so they eat the ‘junk’ food. She is obese and her daughter is heading in the same direction. I’ve read Wheat Belly and am now reading Grain Brain. They make sense. I use your first cookbook all the time. (I actually won the ebook but purchased the hard edition so I could write in it.) Will buy your 2nd one in the new year. Laura would definitely benefit from either a copy of Wheat Belly or your cookbook. Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy new year.

  5. Deanna S says

    Trisha….She could open her husbands eyes as to how this way of eating is so much better for you. He has IBS & I would like to get him to just try this for just 30 days so I could say, SEE I told you it would help you! ! ! She could get him to try it with a GOOD COOKBOOK ! I have WB book but I really like your recipes & I bet she would share….. thanks for the great gifting idea….

  6. Faye Moore says

    I would like to nominate Kim. She has a young daughter who has a severe weight problem and she worries constantly about this. She has tried so many diets and nothing seems to work. I gave her some information about going wheat free and she is trying this. It seems to be working for her daughter, but she can’t afford the resources that she needs as far as recipes. A cookbook would help her greatly!

  7. Linda says

    I nominate my daughter Stephanie! A hard working single Mom that would love your cookbook!! I am so proud of her! Thank you! and Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you do!!!

  8. Sérah says

    My husband the cook of our house.. He works his tail off all year to support our family of 7. He makes very little money in comparison to most and budgets our money very well. We’ve made many changes to our diet for the better over the last 3 years (on a food budget of only $250/mo) and he relies on cookbooks, unfortunately many cookbooks aren’t geared toward healthy eating and he finds himself frustrated. He would appreciate this more than I would appreciate another baby (the desire for more children is strong!!!)

    Thank you for being so giving this holiday season. I am sure whoever you choose will be blessed!

  9. Gail says

    Hi Melissa, Just received my copy of Comforting Eats and loved the way you put most of the pictures of the recipe on the same page! So many wonderful recipes to try out eventually.

    I would like to nominate my friend Judy to get a copy too. I already helped buy her your first book and The Wheat Belly Cookbook and know she would love having your newest one also. Her husband has agreed last week to go grain free with the whole family.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Chris says

    I would nominate my friend Marel who should be retired but instead is still working 3 part-time jobs. She is now wheat free and improving her health.
    Thanks for all you do to help us be better cooks!

  11. heather says

    I nominate myself, lost job and really need to start eating healthy and get back to feeling good about myself. God Bless.

  12. Cheryl Moore says

    Bless your heart for doing this Melissa! I would like to nominate my friend Debbie. She is a caretaker for her husband who was diagnosed with cancer a couple years ago & is in hospice status. Her mother passed away just last week too. She struggles with her weight & winning one of these would be a great inspiration for her.
    Good luck with your decision! I don’t envy you 🙂

  13. Dottie wall says

    I would love to give my sister this as a gift of health. She is a widowed mom with 3 sons so money is always tight. Last night I had my family over and I had your Rouxless Gumbo. Everyone loved it and could not believe there was no roux. I was able to share how I lost 30 pounds this year by showing them how delicious healthily food can be.

  14. jean says

    My sister Grace. She has started visiting your website and making your recipes for her family. She has been making small changes and is enjoying eating this way.

  15. Corey says

    I would like to nominate my co-worker Veronica as she told me about your site due to my uncontrolled diabetes and she has helped me in trying to get healthy. She gave me your information and I ordered your cookbook based on her knowledge that she learned from your site and books on gluten free.

  16. Jamie says

    My friend Shari. She has 5 children and 2 were born with genetic disorders that have dwindled their finances. Her youngest was born last year and spent nearly 9 months in the hospital. She is wanting to lose weight and is a stay at home mom. She tries to do what she can from scratch, but she is still working out the recipes. I know your items are awesome and cannot wait to get my cookbooks!

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