Easy Chicken Pot Pie Soup

chicken pot pie soupWho says you have to eat soup in a bowl!?! I will take this soup in a pot, in a cup, in a bowl, and maybe in a boot it is so good! If you have been too intimidated to make my Grain-Free Chicken Pot Pie then this soup is for you!!  Maybe after you make the soup, you will want to make the Real Pot Pie!

Want soup in less than 30 minutes?? Simply cut veggies (or use the pre-cut frozen kind) and take the chicken off the bone in advance. Then all you have to do is throw everything in your pot (or Slow Cooker) and voilà, Chicken Pot Pie Soup! 



This recipe gets it’s flavor from using wonderful bone broth (or chicken stock). The better broth, the better the soup will be. Don’t worry if you have never made your own stock before, it’s SO easy and I promise you will never go back to the canned stuff again! 

Also, poultry seasoning really adds that extra depth of flavor, I highly recommend having some on hand. You can still make the recipe without it, you may just want to add extra Cajun Seasoning at the end. 

I do like things flavorful and sometimes with a bit of kick. If you don’t like a little “kick” in your foods, I suggest starting with 1/8 tsp. of Cayenne pepper. 


For Dairy-Free: Use ghee or expeller pressed coconut oil instead of butter and canned coconut milk for the cream. I suggest using canned coconut milk vs. homemade for this recipe.

Add-ins: Use whatever veggies you would like.

Meat: I used the meat from a roasted chicken but you could also use the meat from a chicken that you made chicken broth from, or even raw chicken, cut up into small pieces so it will cook quickly. Also, try turkey for a great variation.

For Slow Cooker: Add all ingredients to slow cooker except cream. Cook on low for 6-8 hour or high for 4-6 hours or until carrots are tender. Add cream and taste for seasoning.  Feel free when using this method to use raw chicken since there will be plenty of time for the chicken to cook. (I LOVE my Slow Cooker!)

Crust: This soup is great by itself but if you would like, you can prepare the crust in my original Grain-Free Pot Pie recipe. Instead of placing it over the pot pie, just leave it on your parchment paper and bake for 10-12 minutes. The crust will be very crumbly. Once cooled, top your cup of Chicken Pot Pie Soup with the crumbled crust. 

Want thicker soup? While the soup is simmering, make an arrowroot powder slurry. Add the 4 tbsp. of arrowroot powder and 1/2 cup of chicken stock to a small bowl.  Whisk until powder is dissolved and there are no clumps.  Add arrowroot powder slurry to veggie and meat mixture just before serving, while whisking. Turn off heat and taste for seasoning.

Final Words

Easy, Delicious, Enjoy! 

Easy Chicken Pot Pie Soup
Serves 6
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    • 3 tbsp. salted butter
    • 1 medium onion, finely diced
    • 1 bell pepper, finely diced
    • 2 tbsp. chopped garlic
    • 2 cups sliced carrots (I used frozen but you could use fresh)
    • Meat from 1 chicken (or 1-1/2 lbs. cooked/raw chicken, diced)
    • 5 cups homemade chicken broth
    • 1-1/2 tsp. poultry seasoning
    • 1/2 tsp. salt (or more to taste)
    • 1 tsp. black pepper
    • 1/4 tsp. Cayenne pepper
    • 1-1/2 tsp. Cajun Seasoning (or more to taste)
    • 3/4 cup heavy cream (coconut milk for dairy-free)
  1. In a large pot over medium heat, melt butter, then add onion and peppers. (If using raw carrots, add at this time.) Sauté for about 10 minutes, or until veggies are tender. Add garlic and cook for another 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low and add chicken stock, chicken and remaining ingredients except cream. Cover and allow to simmer for 20 minutes on medium-low heat until carrots are tender.  

    After 20 minutes, add cream, stir and taste for seasoning and adjust if needed. 

  1. Serve with Savory Crackers (from Comforting Eats Cookbook) or the prepared Chicken Pot Pie Crust, crumbled over the soup just before serving. 


    300 Calories, 12 grams of Fat, 6 Net Carbs & 35 grams Protein per serving (not including Pot Pie Crust)

Satisfying Eats http://satisfyingeats.com/
 Nutrition Disclaimer

I used caloriecount.com to obtain the nutrition information given. Calories, fat, net carbs and protein will always vary based on the brand of ingredients used, the type of milk you choose, the cut of meat used, and whether it is grass-fed or not, etc. The Net Carb count should be the most accurate number because there are fewer variables that affect this number. 


  Also be sure to check out my two cookbooks, Satisfying Eats & Comforting Eats,   NOW available in eBook format through Amazon and the spiral bound versions are available here on my blog.

Happy Cookin’!




  1. Debbie Legters says

    I really love your cookbooks. I like that everything is just a healthier version of everything that I’ve already been eating. I haven’t had a problem staying away from grains and sugar , but I think I’m just eating too much. I’m actually gaining weight ! I’m a little frustrated and I wondered if you could give me an idea of what you eat in a day. Did you eat just strictly veggies and protein while you were losing ? Thanks. !

  2. Ashleigh says

    Are you going to get sick of my comments? 😉

    I am just really wanting to be committed to this this time lol. I am wondering the same as Debbie … Did you eat your baked goods on here as you lost the weight? If so did you eat them everyday/once a week?

    Thank you so much! :)

    • satisfyingeats says

      Ashleigh, yep, I drank my shakes and ate my baked goods on most days when losing weight. Sometimes to shake things up, I would cut dairy, or nuts, but I used my recipes to stay on track, and give up grains and continue to eat low carb. Lots of people “cheat” but I don’t, I just eat my recipes. Just remember, everyone is different and you will have to figure out how many “treats” you can have and still lose weight. Hope this helps!

      • Ashleigh says

        Wow, awesome, thank you so much Melissa! I think my problem has been that despite feeling really well cutting out the grains and sugars I have been eating a really boring diet during the week and allowing myself to “cheat” on the weekends … I then struggle to get back on it because it’s so boring. lol

        I am getting ready to order almond flour and coconut flour and I will experiment with eating some of your sweets throughout the week. We will see what happens :) Thank you!

  3. Maggie Danhakl says

    Hello Melissa,

    I hope everything is going well for you. Thanks so much for participating in Healthline’s Best Health Blog Contest. I wanted to let you know that you can create a ‘best blog’ badge for your site.

    Please use this page to create a badge and embed on your site: http://www.healthline.com/health/38389

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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