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  1. Teresa West says

    Hi Melissa!

    Love your work and appreciate your efforts more than you know.

    I am looking for a sandwich bread recipe you posted earlier in the year using a Lodge L5WS3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Wonder Skillet, 5-inch from Amazon. I ordered it then never got around to making the bread. Now I want to make it and cannot find the recipe. I have looked through both of your books and searched your site. Can you help?

    Thanks much,

    Teresa West

  2. says

    Hi Melissa,
    Your two cookbooks arrived a week ago and we are LOVING them … Just wanted to tell you – one author to another – that you are truly helping people!!! I’d love to hear from you! Blessings, Karen Kingsbury

  3. PattiP says

    Melissa: Was browsing your site several nights ago and came across pages of christmas gift ideas, mostly in jars. It included tags, recipe cards, etc. Cannot find it again. Can you tell me how to find those pages again. Patti

  4. Johnna says

    wow! thank you for the 10 affordable no bake christmas and holiday gifts..This is so great!!

    do you have the amounts if you were making say 5 to 10 each of the chocolate chips cookies, dough, cranberry cookies, better than red lobster biscuit mix and candied pecans?

    or how did you do it just multiply each by 5 or 10 and go from there?

    thanks so much for sharing.

    those better than red lobster biscuit mix was awesome. My husband and i ate the whole batch..i have to hide some next time!

  5. Corinne says

    Aloha! My sister, who just moved to LA, sent me your site and I can’t wait to try some recipe’s and hopefully order some items.

    1.) Do you ship to Maui
    2.) Is there any bread that you like “grain free” to buy from the store?

    Anyway, I am 46 and gained all my weight 11 yrs. ago with the birth of my daughter! (at least 65 lbs.) So tired all the time and I feel this would be a great way to go! Almost gluten free, but having a hard time finding things here on this small island. 😉 Thinking I may have to start ordering on Amazon?? and……thanks for the update on Stevia! I just noticed that same thing this year by accident. I was comparing another brand to the Kal and saw the added “Maltodextrin.”

    Hope to year from you soon! :-)


  6. Sheila Reese says

    The search function on your website is not working. I was searching for one of your scone recipes. All of your recipes that I have tried are delicious.

  7. Jan Halsell says

    Two lovely books arrived yesterday..I am so excited to dive into them..and learn how to cook all over again! I have attempted several miserable and expensive experiments with no success on my own. I’d like to thank you Melissa..there are so many people that have come to the realization that a diet won’t fix the problem..You have done all of the heavy lifting, and your recipies speak to me. I feel relief and I feel gratitude for your many talents..I am a fan forever!!

  8. kimberlee says

    I am wanting to try the Cheesecake recipe. However, I don’t know what “5 servings” of sweetener for the crust amounts to. Is that teaspoons? The Contact Section above isn’t operating, so I thought I’d ask here. Thanks!

    • satisfyingeats says

      Kimberlee, in many stevia bottles there is a very tiny spoon. The KAL brand bottle spoon is about 1/64 tsp… that’s tiny. Sweeten to taste with any sweetener you choose. I hope this helps… this cheesecake is delicious!

  9. Beth G says

    I have been grain-free, sugar-free since June but have been very hesitant about doing any baking with sweeteners as I really dislike the taste in warm items (coffee/tea). I see you use Stevia in your baked goods. How does this taste in baked goods? Aftertaste?

  10. Lexi says

    Hey there!

    I am having such a hard time ordering your baking kit! I have tried EVERYTHING on pay pal to sign up and look for your kit and I can’t seem to get this right. Is there an alternative way to order? I really really want to order the basic kit and i’m getting very frustrated that I can’t :(

  11. Lisa Sherman says

    Hi. I just found your site by accident. Lucky accident! I am on GAPS diet for severe digestive issues and find it really helpful. Your Research and information is terrific. I will be trying Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia ASAP. I have tried coconut sugar but don’t think it is GAPS approved. The organic coconut sugar makes incredible chocolate and fudge.
    Thanks for your hard work in researching and giving people access to it.


  12. Megan says

    Melissa, I wanted to say thank you for providing so many quality recipes on your blog and in your cookbooks – I really appreciate the work that has gone into perfecting the recipes you share. They are truly wonderful. I enjoy both of your cookbooks and many of your recipes are a staple in our home. We actually just made your chocolate cream pie and cheesecake for Thanksgiving tomorrow (we make one of them at almost every holiday or birthday celebration). It reminded me how much I love your blog and your recipes. There are very, very few grain-free, sugar-free recipes out there that actually taste good and have the right consistency – yours are among the precious few. Thank you for your work!

  13. Kelly says

    Hi, I haven’t been getting your newsletter/blog in along time! and I didn’t cancel & it’s not in my spam folder. I would really love to get your new recipes!.

  14. Kelly says

    Hi, I love your recipes and newsletter!, but I haven’t been getting your newsletter in a while now!, would love to receive new recipes and your newsletter, please!.

  15. Kelly says

    Hi, really love your recipes!!, but I haven’t been getting your newsletter/blog lately, would love to get your new recipes & info!!.

  16. Margaret says

    I love your website!

    I was just wondering id you would be willing to share your cholesterol levels before and after the diet. I have high cholesterol and am looking for a diet to help.

  17. Laurel-Heather Milden says

    Good Day:
    I want to make your cheesecake recipe for my Niece’s birthday. I noticed that you say to add 1/2 t stevia to the filling. That seems so little. I have not used stevia I use splenda. Would I need more splenda as stevia is stonger? I looked at other recipes and they call for 1 and 1/2 cups of favorite sweetener. Splenda is not my favorite necessarily I just have it already. thanks….

    • satisfyingeats says

      Stevia is very concentrated. If using Splenda, you’re probably going to want to start with like a half to three fourths of a cup and then taste. Add more if needed. I hope you enjoy! Also, for the baking time, using Splenda may increase the time needed in the oven. So don’t worry if it needs an extra 10 or 15 minutes. Just keep an ion it. Enjoy!

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