Cajun House Seasoning


Every house needs a great, all-purpose seasoning blend and this is mine!  This is a modified version of the Melissa’s Cajun Seasoning from the Satisfying Eats Cookbook.  The major difference is the addition of Smoked Paprika.  I LOVE Smoked Paprika!!  If you don’t have or don’t want to use smoked paprika, simply omit it!  Or you may want to make 2 batches, one with and one without smoked paprika so you can decide when you are in the mood for it!

Why make your own spice blend??

Don’t be fooled by the spice blends in the store.  They are usually loaded with MSG and other “natural” flavors.  No thank you!  Even if you don’t see the term MSG, that doesn’t mean your favorite seasoning blend with without it.  Sometimes the word “spices” can be a secret code for MSG. I used to use a seasoning salt on everything until I read the ingredients…. ;-(

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Smoked Chicken my hubby prepared using my Cajun House Seasoning. Get the RANCH dressing recipe.


The difference in an ok meal and a DELICIOUS meal is the use of seasonings and spices.  I am always amazed when I watch a Chopped episode and the contestant omits salt or seasonings. TASTE your FOOD as you cook! That is the only way to ensure it will be delicious at the end!

So I don’t run out, I buy large bottles of spices like onion and garlic powder. Because I use these basic spices in everything from my Chili Seasoning to Taco Seasoning, I don’t want to run out!!  It may seem expensive at first to buy the bulk spices, but you will save lots of $$$ in the long run!

Use and empty container or these cool Large Glass Spice Jars, and sprinkle away!

Make your own blend

I use this seasoning on EVERYTHING! Steaks, chicken, ribs and even sometimes veggies and in sauces! I have even added just a touch of stevia and sprinkled it on the real, deal pork rinds for a BBQ flavor.

Try this seasoning. Make it your own. If you want more heat, add it next time. Add more or less salt, make it your own blend.

Cajun House Seasoning

Makes almost 3/4 cup

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  1. Mix well and store in airtight container.

    **Use in the place of your favorite seasoning on meats and veggies.  Use liberally!

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  1. Debbie Legters says

    I love all of your spice mixes !! You’re yummy sauce is so good too !! I can dip cucumbers in that all day !!!

  2. Marlys says

    Melissa, I am fairly new to your cookbooks (which I own) and website. I have made several of your recipes which we are enjoying. But I just have to tell you how much I LOVE this spice mix. I put it on -almost- everything!! It is sooooo tasty!! Thanks for all of your delicious recipes.

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