New-tella Chocolate Hazelnut Butter


My first experience with Nutella happened about 5 years ago. The container below is the first and last jar I ever purchased.  I had heard others talk about how good it was and I had seen the commercial stating it was made with “hazelnuts, skim milk and a touch of cocoa.” Sounds good, right??? Oh, and I had a coupon for $1 off. So, without even looking at the label, I purchased it and brought it home with great anticipation.  I stick my spoon in and almost went into a diabetic SHOCK it was so SWEET…WAY to sweet for my taste. Now, this was a time when I was using stevia, but I also used evaporated sugar cane crystals (sugar).  How could anyone eat this for breakfast?? I then looked at the label and I was SHOCKED!! LIARS!!!!


My 5 year old jar of Nutella

The first 2 ingredients are sugar and oil…. yuk! I then put the jar in the pantry and somehow I have held on to the same jar for 5 years. I guess in the back of my mind I would one day recreate the recipe and today is your lucky day!

I recently started researching Nutella a little more and found the amounts of each ingredient.  It was shocking:


This is 50 hazelnuts or 1/2 cup nuts in the original Nutella… this is a joke!

Actual Ingredients in Nutella: Sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnuts (13%), cocoa powder (7.4%), non-fat milk solids, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavour (vanillin)

I chuckle that the label advertises contains 50 hazelnuts.  50 hazelnuts is about 1/2 cup.  Nothing to brag about.  My recipe contains 1 cup! 🙂 If you do the math, almost 80% of the jar is sugar and oil!!! WHAT!?!??! And you think I will give this to my son??? And if I did, for breakfast?!?!?!  Sorry, this just makes me MAD!!!!  Like my daddy use to say “Trust them as far as you can throw them, and that ain’t that far!” Trust NO ONE, especially food companies!

Yes, you have the choice not to buy or eat this product.  I have chosen over the past 5 years not to finish the jar, and I am happy with my decision. 😉

You are going to LOVE my easy and truly HEALTHY recipe with REAL ingredients:

  • Organic, raw hazelnuts
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Grass-fed butter (or coconut oil)
  • Dairy (real milk, unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk)
  • Pure vanilla extract
  • Sweetener of choice (I used a combo of raw honey and Kal stevia)

All of the above are wholesome ingredients that I would slather on a piece of my grain-free Tasty Sandwich Buns and give to my son.  Probably not for breakfast, but I would feel good about giving this to him just on a spoon!


He likes it, he likes! Hunter LIKES it!

About the recipe

I think the key to a successful and SMOOTH New-tella is your blending device.  I don’t have a Vitamix, and maybe one day I will get one, but for now, my Magic Bullet works GREAT!  I like it MUCH more and I stress MUCH MORE than my Ninja Blender. When making my homemade coconut milk, the Ninja doesn’t break down the coconut as well as doing small batches in my Magic Bullet.  The more you blend, the smoother your nut butter will become.

Use the BEST ingredients possible for the best tasting New-tella. I used grass-fed butter but you could also use virgin coconut oil if you don’t mind a bit of a coconut flavor which tastes AWESOME to me!

Why you should not buy Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder

All cocoa powder is not created the same. Dutch cocoa powder is treated with alkali solution to make it more neutral (versus acidic) to remove bitterness and make it more palatable. What they don’t tell you is that by doing this, the process removes many of the health benefits of the cocoa. Cocoa contains antioxidant flavanoids that can actually help lower blood pressure!  Eat your chocolate, but make sure it is Dark Chocolate or non-Dutch cocoa powder.  Check out this link for more information. Cacao is another alternative that I will be trying very soon.  Chocolate as medicine…I LOVE the concept!

Brands that are not Dutch processed include Ghiradelli or even Hershey’s. Cocoa powder should be labeled “Natural” which in powdered cocoa world means “not Dutch processed.”

Recipe modifications

  • If you want even sweeter New-tella, add 1 more tablespoon of raw honey.
  • Add more dairy if you want a thinner consistency.
  • You could even use a different nut, perhaps almond or even pistachios… yum!

How to eat your New-tella

  1. Straight out of the jar.
  2. Use as a fruit dip.
  3. Frost your favorite cupcake.
  4. Slather it on a slice of pound cake.
  5. Use as the filling between 2 chocolate chip cookies.
  6. Swirl it in your ice cream.
  7. Toast my Tasty Sandwich Buns and spread it on.
  8. Use it as the “sauce” on my Dessert Pizza.
  9. Use the crust from my Fourth of July Dessert Pizza to make Milano Cookies.
  10. Make a donut using THIS pan and slatter the New-tella on!
  11. How will you eat your New-tella????

New-tella covered cake donut.


New-tella Frosting on my grain-free & dairy-free cupcakes


Pound cake with New-tella and strawberries


New-tella Chocolate Hazelnut utter

Makes about 1 cup
Per 1 tbsp: 50 Calories; 4 grams Fat; 2.5 Net Carbs; 1 gram Protein

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  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Spread out hazelnuts in one layer on cookie sheet.  Bake for 15 minutes or until nuts are fragrant and skins begin to break.  Remove nuts from oven and place on clean towel.  Rub hazelnuts with towel to remove most of skin (all of skin will not come off).

    Place warm nuts in Magic Bullet, Vitamix, blender or food processor. Add remaining ingredients and blend.  Scrape down the sides of the bowl after about 2 minutes and continue blending for a total of 4-6 minutes or until your nut butter is smooth. Time will depend on your method of blending.  Taste for sweetness and adjust if necessary.

    Store in airtight jar in fridge for about 1-2 weeks.

Satisfying Eats

Be sure to leave a comment on how you prefer to eat your New-tella!cookbook collage 3-5-14

Disclaimer: Many of the links contained in this post are Affiliate Links. If you purchase through the links provided, I will receive a small (very small) commission which I used to buy more ingredients to create more recipes. I have chosen these products not to receive a commission but because I think they are the best on the market. Thank you for your support!


  1. says

    Thank you for this recipe. I have bought Nutella a few times but never felt comfortable with all the sugar it contained and had stopped purchasing it. Now I can make my own thanks to you.

    • says

      Marilyn, if you have a magic bullet, you can make a half batch. That is what I did. I also have a Baby Bullet (it was a gift) and made it in 1/2 batches. It is very possible it will last longer than 1 week in fridge, I am 99% sure it will as long as you use fresh ingredients (the dairy). Hope this helps!

  2. Dee says

    If I use hazelnut flour from Bob’s Red Mill, how much would I use. Or to ask it differently, when you grind your nuts how much does it make?

    • says

      Lexan, I wouldn’t use coconut butter, it would make the New-tell very thick because it absorbs so much moisture. You could use coconut oil though. Let me know how it turns out!

  3. Glenda says

    I adored Nutella when I was little…oh well… We like Sharffen Berger cocoa best, costs more than others, but definitely worth it: in place of 2 Tablespoons of Hershey’s or anything else, I will use 2 teaspoons of Sharffen Berger to get the same results! It has a smooth flavor, never bitter, and it’s natural. You can get it at Amazon in an economical two-pack.

  4. Jane Merriman says

    Regarding getting a Vitamix — I finally got one a few years ago at Bed, Bath and Beyond and used the 20% coupon. It was a good way to go! Thanks for the wonderful recipes!

  5. Jill says

    Jus made a double batch, and I must say….I’m not sure it will last hubby and I a week 🙂 It is AWESOME!!

    • says

      Lena, if you don’t have Kal Brand Stevia, you can use whatever sweetener you loke, to taste. I would hesitate using a grandular sweetner unless you blend it first into a fine powder. It will also depend on how sweet you would like the recipe. Hope this helps!

      • says

        Just wanted a starting point. I tried the link but it didn’t say if an 1/8 teaspoon serving was equal to 2 teaspoons or more/less. Good to know about the granular! I also have a liquid sugar free substitute where one drop is equal to 2 teaspoons.

        • says

          Lena, there really isn’t a set rule for stevia, specifically Kal Stevia. I have found that peoples pallets are SO different when it comes to sugar and stevia that even if there was a conversion factor, it wouldn’t work for everyone. Start with 1 drop and go from there. It will probably take 2 or more but you can always add to but not take away! Hope this helps.

  6. Michelle says

    I made a double batch so I would have some when my girls started school this week to send as a treat with strawberries their first week school. Well, I will need to make more because I brought it to the pool on Friday and the children at the pool swarmed the table like locusts!!! Needless to say it was well received!!! Thank you for a wonderful and healthy recipe that I am happy to feed my children. My girls loved Nutella and I have been trying to find a healthy alternative for over a year and none of the others I tried have even come close!!!! Yours is absolutely delicious!!!! I knew it would be!

  7. Clare Giammusso says

    This a fantastic recipe. I used a combination of Swerve, XyloSweet and Kal Stevia. Next time, I’ll go lighter on the sweetener, bump up the cocoa and use a little less almond milk. I’m eating things a little less sweet these days since giving up sugar, and I want it a little thicker. It’s a little airy. But I eat this right out of the jar, just love it. Maybe I’ll use it on your Southern Velvet cake the next time I make it.

  8. Sandra White says

    I saw this recipe today and thought you could easily make this low carb using your recipe for the New-tella and sub out the flour for coconut or almond flour–

  9. says

    I will win “mom of the year award” with this and fresh apples!!!! My kids love that stuff (I have never bought, but had it at school when a mom brought “healthy” treats for birthday celebrations.

  10. Naomi says

    Just made this and it is soooo delicious. I didn’t have any stevia, but used 3 Tbsp of honey and it was sweet enough for me. If I wanted to use it as an icing I would probably buy some stevia. Thanks! I might just have to have chocolate dipped strawberries for breakfast tomorrow! Kids loved it too.

  11. Amber W. says

    Just made a “NewTella” frappucino for myself. Yum! My kids dipped some sliced green apples in their New Tella for lunch.

  12. says

    I just love your blog and all the time you put into clarifying everything. I just bought both of your Kindle cookbooks and have them on my cell phone for looking when at the store. I also just bought the Nutri-Bullet today because I’ve almost worn out my 8 year old Magic Bullet. I can’t wait to try it on some of these nut butters. I’ve also been putting links to you books on some of my gluten-free articles on Squidoo

  13. Kathy says

    I use Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Powder. I believe in some other recipes you stated TJ’s does not measure 1:1 in your recipes. How much TJ’s Organic Stevia Powder would I use in place of 1/8 tsp. Kal Stevia? TIA

  14. Ally, Cape Town says

    Thank you! This is amazing!! Will definitely tey this. Although hazelnutsand about every other good wholesome healthy ingredient is ridiculously expensive in South Africa…I think this will be MOST worth it!

  15. Pam says

    Once again you have amazed me with another delicious recipe. Before I started eating the Wheat Belly way I was addicted to that spread with all the sugar in it. I’ve been wanting to try this and finally made it this evening. I put it on top of grain free waffles and it is absolutely delicious! I made a double batch because I had plenty of hazelnuts and I figured why not? I’m going to freeze part of it to see how that works. Thank you!

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