3-Ingredient Almond Joy Bites

3-Ingredient Almond JoyYes, with just 3 ingredients you can be enjoying your own Almond Joy without any of the guilt! Low-carb, dairy-free and they can even be made nut-free by using pumpkin or sunflower seeds! These bites are full of flavor but not full of sugar or chemicals! 

All about Chocolate 

Here are my favorite chocolate brands. Feel free to use any of these brand or even make your own using this recipe or this one. These brands are all soy and dairy free. 

  • Equal Exchange 80% Extra Dark Chocolate. I LOVE this stuff!! Each square only has 1 Net Carb, and it is the best tasting chocolate I have tried. I ALWAYS have some in the pantry. Even my hubby who HATES dark chocolate “kinda” likes this brand! I am happy he doesn’t like it so he will leave it alone! :) (FYI, I have seen this Chocolate Bar in Whole Foods.)




  • Enjoy Life Brand Chocolate Chunks. These chips are great. They have a bit more sugar, but at least they don’t contain soy lecithin, dairy, and artificial flavoring. Stock up on them HERE. (They can also be purchased at Whole Foods.)


 So there you have it. Chocolate is good. If chocolate makes you happy, eat it, just make sure it’s the good stuff!


3-Ingredient Almond Joy Bites
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  1. Sprinkle 1/2-1 tsp. coconut in the bottom of chocolate mold. (You could also use ice cube trays.) Pour 1 tsp. of melted chocolate over coconut. Add more coconut (approximately 1 tsp.), followed by more chocolate (approximately 1 tsp.), followed by 1 tsp. of sliced almonds. Repeat in the next mold until all of the ingredients have been used. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes. Best served at room temperature. 

Nutrition using 80% chocolate bar
  1. 75 Calories, 5 grams Fat, 6 Total Carbs, 1.5 grams Fiber, 4.5 Net Carbs, 1 gram Protein each Bite
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  1. Kim says

    I made these tonight, I added about a Tbsp coconut oil to thin the chocolate a bit and give added coconut flavor. Amazingly good! Thanks for the recipe!

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