BFF Brownies: Easiest & Best Brownies EVER!!


These brownies are moist, delicious and decadent and oh, they are grain-free, low-carb and flour-free too! This recipe will please every chocolate lover and even the pickiest of eaters. They are full of flavor sans the grains, processed sugar and expensive flours! Bring these to the next pot luck and you will be sure that… 

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Chocolate Chip Blondies


These brownies are DELICIOUS… No one will ever guess that that are gluten, grain and dairy-free! Oh, and did I mention low-carb?!?   Moist, yummy brownies… how can you go wrong!?! These were a big hit this past Sunday at my family’s Easter gathering. No one else is grain-free but EVERYONE loved them…I call that… 

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Sweet Heart Chocolate Chip Cookies (Allergy Friendly!)

Sweet Heart Cookies

Wondering what to send with your child to school for their Valentine’s Day party? Look no more! These beautiful and DELICIOUS grain-free and NUT-FREE cookies will win the hearts of anyone who puts them in their mouths! Tell the teacher they are nut-free, but no need to tell the kids, I PROMISE! I have tested… 

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I love Chocolate

  I think chocolate is a universal language. Sure, some people don’t like it, but let’s be honest…those folks are just WEIRD (like my husband)! He really does like chocolate, but just the kind that really doesn’t have much chocolate in it at all!  My theory as to why almost EVERYONE LOVES chocolate is that… 

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Heavenly Chocolate Cupcakes (or Whoopie Pies) Grain-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free & Low-Carb


I know what you are thinking… this is either too good to be true, or who cares about nut-free and dairy-free?? To answer those who think it is impossible to achieve a  gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free, low-carb cupcake and still have it taste delicious, I will gladly prove you wrong with this recipe! 😉 I… 

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3-Layer Cheesecake with Chocolate or Hazelnut Drizzle


OH YES I DID! Impress ANYONE with this delicious and decadent 3-Layer, Chocolate Covered Cheesecake!  No one will ever guess that is grain-free, sugar-free and low-carb!  And if you really want to impress them and tickle their taste buds, cover this beauty with my yummy New-Tella Chocolate-Hazelnut Butter! This 3-tiered cheesecake will feed a small… 

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Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

cookie cake

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates In search of an affordable, yet quality raw cacao powder, I stumbled upon a great company this week!  Terrasoul Superfoods, located in Houston Texas, is a GOLDMINE when it comes to organic & raw Super-foods. Chocolate, the Perfect Food Yes, chocolate, more specifically Raw… 

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