Nut-Free & Low-Carb Sandwich Thins and guest post for The Dirty Floor Diaries

nut-free buns
A yummy turkey and avocado sandwich


I am excited to introduce you to my new bread recipe and my friend over at The Dirty Floor Diaries!  Check out her story, her and her family are very inspiring!

I know some of you can’t have nuts or are trying to limit your daily intake.  That was the inspiration of this recipe! I hope you enjoy these great Grain-Free, Low-Carb & Nut-Free Sandwich Thins!

The larger buns (or Sandwich Thins as I call them only have 2 Net Carbs) and the Biscuits (smaller buns) have only 1 Net Carb!  WOW!  These are also cheaper to make!!!


A yummy turkey and avocado sandwich


April 23, 2013

My 6 weeks old son along with my almost 2 year old keep me busy but I always find time to make these buns and I keep them on hand for a quick meal or snack. My 2 year old loves this bread and doesn’t know what “real” bread tastes like and I am o.k. with that! ;-)

I don’t know what I would have done without these grain-free buns while I was pregnant with my 2nd son! During daily morning sickness (which was ALL DAY sickness for 18 weeks) I could eat a piece of this bread (toasted) and even though it wasn’t carbohydrates, I always felt better! After the nausea ended, eating my grain-free bread satisfied my cravings too! Being able to eat this bread and my grain-free, low carb treats allowed me to keep my sanity during my 2nd pregnancy. I also gained less weight, which was wonderful!

If only I had known about the dangers of wheat (and other grains & sugar) while pregnant with my first son, my pregnancy would have been so much better. I suffered debilitating migraines during the 3rd and 4th month of pregnancy. I also gained 60 lbs… yikes.. I was eating the wrong foods!! Luckily, 3 months after my first son was born I stumbled upon “Wheat Belly” and began to eliminate wheat and grains from my diet as well as sugar and the “baby” weight began to MELT OFF! By the time my son was 7 months old, I had lost all of the weight I had gained during pregnancy without counting calories, skipping meals, (I nursed my son until 11 months so proper nutrition was very important to me) or being hungry. I started my blog, Satisfying Eats: Grain-Free, Sugar-Free & Hunger-Free a few months later, posting all of my grain-free & low-carb creations!

All of my recipes (nearly 300) have been created in the past 18 months due to my love of cooking and eating but mainly due to my determination that giving up grains didn’t have to mean giving up flavor and my favorite foods! This past year I also wrote and published my first cookbook, Satisfying Eats (now available on Amazon in eBook & spiral bound).

These buns are no exception. I get asked all the time about creating a nut-free bread. Really, I hadn’t even considered it. I felt I have given up enough foods and there were enough people making nut-free recipes that I could leave it up to them. So after enough people asked, I said “what the heck,” I’ll try and I am SO GLAD I DID! I was so nervous about them tasting like coconut or not functioning as bread should (a sturdy place to hold yummy fillings)! Well to my surprise, the first try was a success! (Once you get the hang of grain-free baking, I promise, it gets so much easier.) I modified my Tasty Sandwich Bun recipe from the cookbook which called for almond flour and coconut flour. I sincerely like how these Sandwich Thins taste! And because of the fewer ingredients, fewer carbs, the elimination of nuts & this recipe yields more biscuits/buns based on the amount flour used.

Here is the breakdown of yield and cost:

1 lb of Almond Flour yields around 24 Tasty Sandwich Buns (from cookbook). 1 lb of almond flour cost $8.10 (based on 5 lb bag through Honeyville).

1 lb of Coconut Flour yields around 48 Sandwich Thins. 1 lbs of Coconut flour cost $6.50/lb (based on 4 lbs Bob’s Red Mill through Amazon subscribe and save).

*Both recipes use the same amount of eggs and butter but the coconut flour recipe yields DOUBLE the amount of buns!

Most people may not know but when I am creating recipes, cost is a HUGE factor!! If I can use water in a recipe instead of expensive coconut milk or heavy whipping cream, I do! Ease of preparedness is another factor, especially now that I have 2 babies under 2 to take care of! If I can do everything in one bowl, why would I use 2 bowls (these new Nut-Free Sandwich Thins and Biscuits only use ONE bowl)!

Make these on the weekend and have them for the rest of the week. Be sure to store them in the fridge and freeze them if you think it will be over 5 days until you eat them.

I have been known to bring these to a restaurant if I want to eat a sandwich outside of the house… yeah, I do that kind of stuff! These would be perfect for your child’s lunch. Sunbutter & jelly sandwich anyone?? Use this bread just as you would traditional bread. I hope this recipe brings you comfort and convenience and helps you live a healthy, grain-free lifestyle!

These buns and biscuits have a slight coconut flavor if eaten alone but when toasted and buttered or eating as a sandwich, the taste disappears.

008Grain-Free & Nut-Free

Sandwich Thins & Biscuits

Makes 6 large (2 Net Carbs) or 11 medium (1 Net Carb) sandwich thins

1/2 cup coconut flour (I use Tropical Traditions or Bob’s Red Mill)

1.5 tsp baking powder

5 large pastured eggs

2 tbsp water

4 tbsp salted butter, melted (or coconut oil for dairy-free and add 1 large pinch of sea salt)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Lube the openings of 2 muffin top pans with butter or coconut oil. In a medium bowl, blend flour and baking powder. Add eggs and water. Using hand mixer, blend on low speed. Add butter and blend until well incorporated. Let sit 5 minutes and stir again until smooth.

For Sandwich Thins: Use large ice cream scoop (1/4 cup) and divide batter to make 6-7 sandwich thins. Hit pan on counter to spread batter.

For Biscuits: Use a medium scoop (2.5 tbsp), and divide batter to make 11-12 . Hit pan on counter to spread batter.

Bake large sandwich thins for 15 minutes and biscuits 12 minutes. Cool on wire racks.

For Sandwich Buns: Using serrated knife, carefully cut bun in half horizontally. If toasting, toast on low setting to make sure edges don’t burn.

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The faces of Satisfying Eats


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  1. Danielle says

    I can’t seem to subscribe to your new wordpress site. I used to use Reader, but now use Feedly. When I attempt to add your site to my feed, it doesn’t recognize it.

    Love your recipes!

    • says

      Alli, you don’t have to use a muffin top pan but the pan gives the thins its shape so that it is not thin around the edges or too small. But yes, you can use just parchment paper on a cookie sheet!

    • says

      Denise, I would not for this recipe. Almond flour and coconut flour are not interchangable. If you have either of my cookbooks, I have a “Tasty Bun” recipe that I use. There is also another bun recipe on the blog, Melissa’s Sandwich Buns or you can use the Easy Pizza Crust recipe to make a bun. Hope this helps!

  2. Sonya Curtis says

    Do you need to store these in the refrigerator? Also, I am the only one in my house eating grain free, do these freeze well? Thank you

  3. Dawn says

    My batter was very thick and sticky. I followed the instructions completely. When I put the batter in the pan I had to use my finger to spread it around the circle. Is this normal? Should it have been pourable?
    Thank you!

    • satisfyingeats says

      Dawn, yes, this is a thick batter. In the instructions I state to “Hit pan on counter to spread batter.” This helps spread it out. Hope this helps!

  4. Grace Cooper says

    Do these really hold up to eating the sandwich without falling apart. I love pickles, tomatoes and lettuce of course!

    • satisfyingeats says

      Yes, I have made many sandwiches using these buns. The key is making them into buns so that they have extra surface area to brown when they cook.

  5. DeenaC says

    I’m wondering if these can be made without the eggs? My son has peanut and nut allergies as well as eggs in any form. I can usually substitute up to 2 eggs with no issues but 5 seems like alot. I will have to play around with this a bit to see what I can do. I know most of the eggs with coconut flour are used for moisture but it also appears it is used for rising too. If anyone already knows please post!

    • satisfyingeats says

      DeenaC, yes, the eggs here help hold the buns together. If you only want to eat them as a biscuit, you could try subbing 1/2 cup liquid (water or milk) for 2 of the eggs. I would be afraid of using any less. I hope this helps!

  6. Heather says

    Thanks for this recipe! I usually make your other bun recipe but needed a nut free option just to mix it up. The batter is very thick but very easy to work with! These came out great! I tasted just a corner and love them. A bit dry alone but I plan on using it as a burger or breakfast sandwich bun so I think they will be perfect.

  7. Cheryl Platt says

    I just made these today, and they turned out great! :) I don’t own a muffin top pan, but thought I’d try a trick I learned from trying to make home-made English muffins: I used clean wide-mouth Mason jar rings! :) I greased each ring, and placed them all on a piece of parchment paper. I also added about 1/16th of a tsp of glucomannan powder to the recipe (I’d read that it helps with loft and texture in gluten-free baking). I baked at 350F on the convection setting in my toaster oven, and it took about 20 min to bake.

    They turned out great! A little bit thicker than the thickness of one of the rings, and relatively easily removed (just ran the tip of a paring knife around the inside of each ring, and around the bottom of each ring, then popped the thins out). Easily thick enough to slice apart and make a sandwich with. :) Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Denise says

    Great recipe!!

    My husband and son both love these. Still workng on getting our adult son to go grain free. :)

    Thanks for all the recipes and information.

  9. Krystal Dy says

    Sometimes cooking w 100% coconut flour (meaning no almond flour/coconut mix) it tends to be weird, very dry , card board like. But this was good. Very easy to make. Ate mine w eggs and bacon for breakfast. Thanks!

  10. Rachel Blackett says

    Just made these and they were heavenly!! I did stuff them up slightly (As got distracted my a whiny toddler lol!) but they were still delish! Even my fussy 3.5 y/o daughter spent 5 mins going “mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” hehehe
    Unfortunately we can’t get muffin top pans here but I found texas muffin pans instead (Biggest muffin pan I could find) so they ended up more like tom thumb buns but perfect for kiddies who just want PB, marmite or avocado on them :) I had a bit of cream cheese on mine, and after 1.5 of them I was completely stuffed! Big difference compared to my pre grain free days where I could eat 6+ buns in one sitting and only just start feeling full! Going to make more this afternoon and freeze them for lunches!! (And now off to make your frosty flakes cereal! 😉 )

    • Rachel Blackett says

      I am having a bit of trouble with these. The first time I made them I thought it was cause I stuffed them up that they turned out the way they did, but made them again exactly as recipe says and still not quite right (I wanted to test my son on them again to see if he had same allergy reactions, but there was no way he was going to be able to eat them without gagging).
      They are turning out dry, and batter isn’t going smooth when I stir the second time and ends up very thick and almost lumpy looking so doesn’t spread out :/ So then when the cook they look more like the top of a bran muffin (Thats the only way I can explain them hahaha!) Although, this time round they tasted even better than the first time, and were slightly less dry.
      Could it be that our coconut flour is more thirsty? Should I add more liquid into it?

  11. Marie-Helene says

    Those are great! I made them twice. First time, exactly like your recipe. Very good, but the taste was a little bit too eggy for me. The second time I substituted 1 egg with a bit of flaxseed + water, added salt and a tiny pinch of stevia. They turned out GREAT. Actually before I found your blog my main bread recipe was made exclusively of flaxseed; it is really good, but so high in calories that I wouldn’t be hungry for the rest of the day after having some (and who likes to eat only 2 pieces of bread in their day? Eating is such a pleasure, but not when not hungry!!). So these are a great compromise (less cals, great taste) and I’ll probably have them every day!

    Regarding your last comment on Facebook, I really hope that my comment on the banana bread was not one of the ones that hurt you and if so, let me apologize: I am very, very sorry. As I have written before, I am SURE that your recipe is delicious as ALL the other ones I have tried and that the problem lays in a food chemistry problem with some ingredients of mine. I don’t live in the US so I don’t have access to most of the brands you recommend; that probably makes a huge difference in the outcome of the recipes and that is nobody’s fault, especially not yours! You give us plenty of material to work with and then we can adapt the recipes to our taste considering the ingredients we have. That is huge!! Saves us a lot of time and energy!

    As someone wrote on the blog, there is also a learning curve since this is a whole new way of cooking, and a very delicate one. With conventional cooking, in my opinion, you can just mix some flour, sugar and eggs and you get a great cake (and a great deal of health problems in my case); everyone knows the proportions, it’s easy. Not exactly like that with grain-free baking! Anyway, to sum it up, 1- Thank you for all your work and for sharing it 2- You are very very talented 3- Problems in cooking are inevitable for many reasons, but if someone thinks you don’t deserve a respectful comment, they don’t deserve an answer, period 4- You cannot bear the weight of the world on your shoulders; some people will always be unhappy, but you’re doing your best and it sure is enough. I don’t even have the courage to have kids, so in my eyes any mama is some kind of Wonderwoman, especially when they also run a blog like this one! :) Have a great day!

  12. amy says

    These are great–more coconut flour recipes, please!! I’m making SO many of your yummy dishes that I’m getting inflammation from all the nuts :( These are great sliced and individually wrapped in wax paper then put in a freezer bag. I let them thaw a bit and toast them up. Great side roll with butter and garlic/onion salt!

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